Our services

Our outpatient services of PEKS have worked successfully in very difficult situations. Our female and male specialists visit your children in their home. We consider it very important at the beginning of our work to listen carefully to what children and their parents have to say. On the basis of this we work out a psychological framework fitting your personal situation, and that of your child. Our services include:

  • Outpatient psychological support for children, adolescents and their parents
  • School attendance („integration assistants“)
  • Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults
  • Counselling psychology
  • Parents, couples and family therapy
  • Learning, art and music therapies
  • Diagnostics and expert reports.

The goal of our psychological work is to give your child self-confidence, to improve family relations, and to generate a lasting stabilisation for all people involved. The focus hereby is for us on taking care of the parents‘ concerns as well as the needs of the children and adolescents in a trusting and sensitive atmosphere.

In addition to this, PEKS offers leisure activities and life counselling aids to realise personal wishes and goals of you and your child. PEKS psychologists are particularly specialised in the following issues:

• Alienation between parents and children
• Psychological adjustment in times of divorce
• Adjusting to a new social and cultural situation
• Challenges at school and school attendance
• Social retreat and addictions
• Aborted psychotherapies
• Imminent hospitalisation or 
repeated psychiatry stays.